year 2000


TELL-TALE SIGNS takes the text search results from the "exegisis tool" and re discovers them elsewhere in the world - as a series of shop fascias whose signage panels use phrases that occur in the found text

The task
There were approximately 127 individual words and 127 double words to work with. The double-word phrases use the original "Revelation" word and the "search result" word: an example is "deathLogin".
The task was to find these words and phrases as names of retail businesses and to photograph the results.

The search
After much searching I managed to find eighteen businesses whose company names exactly matched a word or phrase. This was acheived by using online search engines and web yellow pages in different cities. I also contacted friends in various contries and asked them to use their local yellow pages to widen the search.

The locations
With the additional support of the "New Geography Federation" I was able to visit twenty-five possible sites to photograph shop fascias in situ. The original list of businesses was longer but some companies didn't use their text as signage. Some businesses were closed or in re-developement, these have been included in the final eighteen shops.

With thanks to
The Film and Video Umbrella, The New Geography Federation, Marc Dachy, Susan Shopmaker, Shamshad Husain, Joachim Ackersohn, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Air India, Alitalia.


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